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It’s hard to choose a favourite season—we love all the seasons for all the different reasons. But, if we are being completely honest, autumn is close to our hearts. It just has so much to offer! As the weather getcooler and the nights get longer, much of what autumn represents is the final flurry of activity before everything settles down for the winter. 

Here are just a few things we love about this season: 

  1. Everything looks stunning. We are fully in awe of nature in every season, but the fall colours make our early morning, dirt road coffee drives even more wonderful. Those colours are what poetry is made of.
  2. The sight of combines working in the fieldSigh. This just gets to us. When we hear of people who have not had the pleasure of this sight, we get undeniably sad for them.
  3. You can still wear toques for fashion, not just warmth. What a treat! It’s not too warm to wear a cute toque (which is like… a beanie for anyone not familiar with this decidedly Canadian term), but it’s also not so cold that you need to wear industrial wool caps on your head. So, wear those cute toques, my friends. Embrace your best Pinterest-inspired self!
  4. It keeps you guessing (in more ways than one!) First of all, they keep changing what day the official first day of autumn falls on. We swear, when we were kids, it was always the same day every year. Then someone somewhere did a very complicated math equation and decided it would be different. Every. Single. Year. And also, it could snow at any time. It always keeps you on your toes!
  5. Autumn is a perfect time for reflection.  Once in a small town called Rosebud, Alberta, in a gift shop one of the prairie sisters picked up a children’s book about the last leaf on a tree. It was wonderfully told—you could palpably feel the little leaf’s anxiety. The short synopsis: change is hard. Letting go is scary. And, most likely, a prairie sister may unexpectedly cry about it in a gift shop. (If anything knows what this children’s book might be called, please let us know! We have since tried to find it and have failed.)
  6. Brisk morning air and crunchy leaves. The very words “brisk” and “crunchy” are words that inspire movement. There are just so many beautiful words to describe this season with!
  7. Misty mornings. There is something eerily magical about a dirt road drive with mist in the ditches and that distinct smell of fall. We wish we could bottle that feeling up and sell it!
  8. It brings its own special atmosphere. Many poets, writers, and artists draw inspiration from this season. Watching nature’s gorgeous transformation is the perfect time to glean some fresh inspiration, no matter what your artistic expression is! 

This is what we love about autumn! Since we strongly believe in finding beauty wherever you are, we would love for you to share what you love about the autumn you live in. 

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