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We have had the honour of being humans to a very special dog, Daisy. We recently had to say goodbye to her unexpectedly. We sat together in the living room hours after our loss and were talking about our fondest memories of her. She lived her life to the fullest and we decided there were important lessons to be learned from her beautiful soul.


Personality is everything.

You know how people say, “Well…they have a great personality”? It’s often stated after an insulting comment but when is having a great personality ever a bad thing? Someone once said “Daisy has more personality than most people I know!” We laughed about that comment for weeks after. Truly, personality is everything.


Be the first to say hello; you might make a new friend.

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you are the first to say hello? Daisy took this to heart; no matter what kind of scowl was on a person’s face, she would wag her tail and say hello. And 99% of the time, their scowl would become a smile, a conversation would be started, and a new friend would be made. Is it worth missing out on the 99% in fear of the 1%?


Never underestimate the power of a nap.

Whether things are going good or less than good, a nice nap will always refresh you. You don’t need the perfect conditions to have a nap either. Don’t overthink it – when you need a rest, take a rest. You will end up better off.

Take the higher ground – be a good sport.

Daisy had a favourite orange ball. We can’t even recall where it came from, but it’s been hers for as long as we can recall. When Zuzu the puppy came along, she also enjoyed this orange ball. Much to Daisy’s dismay, Zuzu soon claimed it as her own. Daisy was a sport about it. We saw the look of utter disappointment and betrayal on her face as she watched that puppy gnaw away on the ball, but she showed us how she could take the higher ground. She played the game and halfheartedly chased Zuzu around, stopping when Zuzu would drop the ball like the amateur that she was,and give her time to pick it up again. Eventually Zuzu would become bored, and Daisy would have her alone time with her ball once again. Take the higher ground, and be a good sport. It’ll all work out in the end.

Always say yes to a new adventure.

“Wanna go for a drive?” Wanna go on a walk?” These were statements that were always met with an exuberant howl, a butt wiggle, and if we took too long to get ready after asking her, a case of the zoomies around the house. Daisy never asked any questions. She never stressed about how long we would be gone for, what she would wear, who she would see. She just took it in stride and went for the adventure! Read about how we started saying “yes” to new adventures HERE.


Drive with the window down whenever you can.

We had never before met a dog who could roll down the windows herself, but Daisy could. She learned that if she put her paw in a certain spot, she could get what she wanted – the windows rolled down and breezy sunshine in her fur. She never missed an opportunity to enjoy this simple pleasure in life.


Be a good listener.

They say we are born with one mouth and two ears for a reason, and Daisy understood this. She would always sit (or most likely lay) and listen for however long you needed her to. There are people in our lives who need us to listen like a Daisy, so let’s do that for them.


Enjoy the sunshine.

Sunshine is a powerful medicine. Daisy would always opt to lay stretched out in the sunshine. Take the time to enjoy the sunshine.


Don’t be afraid to sing along.

Sometimes the energies run high in our house (usually when the roommates are away for whatever reason and us sisters are left alone to our own craziness). We often take these opportunities to sing at the top of our lungs. Daisy would always join us from wherever she was, and howl along for the song. Despite not knowing what was going on (like, ever), she knew we were having a good time and didn’t want to miss out. So no matter how off-key you might be, just sing along and have a good laugh with your friends.


You don’t need to hide your faults from others – if they are the right people they won’t stop loving you.

Daisy was a snorer. Her bed was on the main floor, one level directly above Kyra’s room. Sometimes Daisy’s snoring would be so loud it would literally shake the floorboards and keep Kyra awake! But every morning Kyra would come upstairs and we would hug Daisy and laugh about how loud she had been snoring.


Anyone who had the privilege of knowing Daisy knew she was special. We are so thankful for all the wonderful support and thoughts in this time. Thoughtful messages, fresh baked cookies, plates of treats, and flowers are gifts and blessing we weren’t expecting but they are a reminder of how much she meant to so many people. We are holding on to the good times, and promise to live our lives a bit more like a Daisy.

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