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6 Facts About our Book

And What We Learned Creating Ramble: A Smidge of Blue


1. We originally intended to create an E-Book.

This might be one of the cases where it’s appropriate to say “well, that escalated quickly!”. What was going to be a low-key journey into the book world quickly turned into a work of art that we based on our own love for coffee table style books, that are so beautiful that you just have to have them! We want people to be able to pick up our book and discover something new every time they flip through it (though we have had multiple people read it front to back like a novel and enjoy it all immensely).


2. The font is intentionally large.

Did you know that Kyra has a vision impairment? It’s frustrating when she can’t read small font, and since we wanted our book to be very versatile and easy for everyone to read, we made sure the font fit the page.  Somehow it all works!

3. There are no people in our book.

Minus Della in the dark, the back of Kyra in a field, the body of our friend fixing his car, and the shadow of a cowboy on a horse. But besides those ones that snuck in there, when you flip through it, you can easily see that people and portraits are not the focus of the book. In contrast, most of the poetry is about relationships between people, so that was interesting to pair together. More on that in our fifth point.


4. We left the photography untouched on purpose.

We often find that photos are edited into an unobtainable, magical seeming place. So, you plan a trip to go to that place only to find the blues are different, and the lake doesn’t shimmer or glimmer like in the photos. We wanted to create a very real experience of what we see and how we experienced it—kind of like the raw footage of a home video. We stuck to this goal even when we found ourselves wanting to clean up a picture, straighten something out, or lighten things here and there.


5. Building a poetry and photography book is harder than we thought it would be.

Since we didn’t include photos of people, and all the poetry is about people, we weren’t sure what poem to pair with what photo to make it all tie together without being too themed. It’s sure hard to take a cow seriously when it’s sitting next to a poem about heartbreak or growing up.


6. Sharing something like this makes you vulnerable.

Because our book revolves so heavily around our experiences and our lives, we were shocked at how personal sharing this book has been. Criticism seems so much more soul crushing when it’s something you’ve poured yourself into. Something we’ve learned during this project is that we have become so confident in ourselves, our product, and what we are sharing with the world.


Read more about the Ramble project HERE and purchase the book HERE.


Bonus Fact:

Our book has travelled!
As far as Europe and Australia and maybe even farther!
The comments we have gotten from travellers have been so encouraging and positive that it makes us so glad we started this journey! Sometimes we even get photos of our book travelling and hanging out in Texas and California.



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