Coffee Lover. Writer of Words.

Always inspired by the vast beauty of the land and the magic of everyday life, Kyra-Marie has put her love for words into the form of poetry. She likes to joke that poetry and short stories are her choice of writing because she can’t commit to the length of a novel. These poems and words have filled her mind, the notes section on her phone and any scrap of paper she can get her hands on, for as long as she can remember. Kyra believes in cultivating a sense of wonder in herself and others—you can often find her oohing and ahhing over the details of ice or the colour of a tree trunk. Her love for tourism and adventure spills into her day job, as her weekdays are spent preserving and sharing history with communities. In her spare time, you will find her drinking coffee in the early(ish) morning light, creating tile mosaic art pieces, or meandering around with her dog.


Sunset Watcher. Picture Taker.

As our resident cowgirl, Della enjoys the challenge of capturing the beauty she sees around her in the form of photographs. Passionate about working with livestock, many of her perceptions showcase modern day ranch work and the beauty of the land around her. Della’s unique perspective gives us an idea of the “behind the scenes” of life in the fields, with many of her photos taken on the go from a moving vehicle or horse. The summer months find her running programs at a horseback trail ride adventure camp. She works the other three seasons in an elementary school, policing playground disagreements, learning her shapes and numbers, and teaching the next generation who will be stewarding the land after us. A woman of varied interest, you can also find her selling her functional and fabulous Tumble Tees, out riding, or playing and writing music.


Canine Companion

Still what you would call a “young pup”, Zuzu is the newest addition to the crew. A Corgi/Cairn Terrier mix, she is equally fierce and spunky. She protects the yard from birds with gusto and kills those pesky socks with bravery. Born on a farm in Saskatchewan, she is adjusting to city life well and enjoys daily excursions and long early morning walks. Nicknamed Little Fox and Long Dog, she loves to go out shopping with her human companion, Kyra. In her spare time you can find her stealing socks, parked at the front window observing the neighbourhood, and planning her next meal.

Daisy (In Memorium, 2014-2020)

Best Dog Ever

Lovingly referred to as Pancake Puppy and Chunky Oinkers, Daisy was Della’s canine companion. A Valley Bulldog from the forests of Northern Manitoba, her favorite activities were pretending to play fetch (running around with a ball in her mouth), napping on the deck and dreaming about chasing rabbits. A fun loving dog with a big personality, Daisy was described as having “more personality than most people I know”. Oh, and did we mention she actually thought she was human? If you saw her riding shotgun with the window down, it was hard to argue with that fact (but shhh, we didn’t tell her she’s not human to her face!).

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