Downtown Art Walking Tour

Physical distancing? Check.

No touch points? Check.

Great night out? Check.

Perfect Instagram photoshoot setting? Check.

Creative and affordable way to explore town? Check.

What do you do on a Downtown Art Walking Tour? We start at our local City Hall to view the border markers, which mark our city’s claim to fame. Learn what the qualification are for a “border city” and a few things that make our small city unique. Stopping to take a closer look at 11 public art pieces, this experience will provide you with details and stories behind the street art that you will not be able to find anywhere else! The murals, art, and sculptures range in artistic topics and will include some light history and facts of the community and it’s industries. At any point during the tour, we can stop to take photos and answer any questions.

Booking available after June 28!

Historic Walking Tour coming July 2020…